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Saving on term life? How?

Some of the ways that you can save on term life are obvious, getting multiple quotes at QuoteUser can inform you about the products available and their costs but there are several that are not so obvious.

  • Guaranteed issue policies that require no medical example don’t offer the coverage limits and cost more.
  • Age matters if your birthday is in June, buy a policy no later than the previous December, as beginning in January your age will be rounded up to the next year.
  • Multiple policies of life, critical care and other policies are discounted by some companies.
  • Mental health treatment matters, staying healthy can reduce rates.
  • Annual versus monthly payments saves both the insurance company and you money.
  • Driving record-multiple moving violations affect rates Discussions with a broker you can contact through QuoteUser can provide further possible savings and advice.

Online Quotes are only as good as the information you provide

And even at that, an underwriter at the insurance company will still look over all data they have gathered before determining what your rate class and premium will be.If you have provided accurate information about yourself, your health, your medical history and personal information it is likely the online quote you receive will be accurate but a 55 year old man with high blood pressure who says he’s 35 and in excellent health will find that his deception will result in a significantly different premium than the quote that he obtained using false information.

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For most people term life insurance offers the optimum amount of protection for the minimum cost. Simply, the cheapest way to protect those who are dependent upon you!

There are some family drama’s precipitated by a change in life situation, like a divorce that did not result in the proceeds of the policy going to the person intended.Insurance is paid to the listed beneficiary.

Group plans through an employer, guaranteed issue policies are often available without a medical exam. However, a benefit amount greater than an annual salary is likely to trigger an exam requirement in the first case and in the latter premiums are generally much higher.

The longer the term the higher the dollar value benefit, the greater the cost. In general, match the term length as best you can to what you wish the policy to protect. Thirty year mortgage? Thirty year term for example.

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Is Term Life the best value?

Term life is a time based insurance policy with several options. Purchased for a specific purpose and a predetermined length of time, it’s cost is lower than other forms of life insurance. Level term insurance has a premium that never changes for the life of the policy. This form of insurance is often purchased to provide income for a surviving spouse and children. If you outlive the term it’s drawback is that you receive no money back unless you have opted for return of premium term insurance which will refund the. premiums paid.

How much coverage should you buy?

  • Answering this question is dependent on a thoughtful analysis of what a term life policy is designed to do for you and whom you wish to protect. Do you have others who are dependent upon you? What would it take to pay debts, keep them in a home, allow them to live comfortably, handle funeral expenses, etc. Is there a specific need? For example, a business partner that your heirs would need to settle with in the event of your death?
  • A thorough financial review allows you to ascertain your assets, current financial condition, who you wish to protect and how much it would cost to do so.This is a process you can conduct yourself, with a financial adviser or discuss it with an agent that you can contact here through QuoteUser.
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