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There are several ways that people can obtain health coverage. Medicare and Medicaid are two government programs that cover those over 65 and those whose income requires assistance to obtain health coverage regardless of age. For others, a group plan through their employer offers the medical coverage we all need. For another segment of the population, private insurance through an exchange or marketplace is their only choice. QuoteUser.com can help you to find great coverage at a reasonable cost.

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When buying anything, it’s always good to have as many options as possible to choose from and at QuoteUser you do! Our online insurance site allows you the opportunity to compare.You select from programs where you can see what’s alike and what’s different. Choose your coverage where you’re sure that what you have chosen is right for you. Questions? Our customer service will be happy to help!

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What are your health insurance needs? Individual/family health plans, Medicare Advantage, Short term health even vision and dental are all available right here and easily comparable on our website.

  • Individual/Family health plans-plans to cover you and your family
  • Medicare Advantage plans that provide attractive options to traditional Medicare
  • Short term health for specified periods of time up to 12 months
  • Vision and dental plans that defray the high costs of these two services
Frequently Asked Questions

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No longer, a court decision striking down the fine for failure to obtain insurance once part of the Affordable Care Act removed that penalty.

Since the latest tax code says that medical expenses, which include premiums in some cases, must exceed 10% of adjusted gross income for many people this question is moot.

In addition to providing care and treatment when needed to maintain good health, the expense of health care can be enormous. Up to 2/3rds of bankruptcies in recent years have been attributed to medical debts.

A number of factors contribute to cost. Plan type, deductible and out of pocket expense to name a few but pre-existing conditions once a major factor in not only cost but insurability was removed by provisions of the Patient Rights and Affordable Care Act (Obamacare.)


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