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Health insurance plans for both individuals and families do so much more today than cover hospitalizations. In fact, wellness is the primary focus for most of them. After all, wellness is much less expensive than intensive care. Here at we will give you access to health insurance programs that will take care of your needs when you are ill but strive to keep you well.Individual or Family, we have you covered with affordable plans to protect and preserve your health.

So, How Much Is This Going To Cost?

With the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) signing in 2010, insurance companies were allowed only the following 5 areas when setting premium costs:

  • Age-premiums for older individuals up to 3 times more costly
  • Location-Your location, local costs of services, rules and cost of living factor in to premiums
  • Tobacco Use-Non-smokers premiums can be as much as 50% less
  • Individual versus family enrollment-more people covered higher premium
  • Plan category- health plans are in tiers bronze, silver, gold, platinum and catastrophic. The bronze level has least expensive premiums but highest out of pocket expense continuing on up to platinum which has the highest premium with the lowest deductibles and out of pocket costs. Catastrophic plans have low premiums but only cover after extremely high deductible and out of pocket expenses.

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An employer with 50 employees or more must offer some minimal form of health insurance to those who work full time (in excess of 30 hours per week.) Those with less than 50 are not so obligated but may offer health and other benefits through the SHOP program.

Open enrollment periods or if you meet certain criteria during a special enrollment period.

Remember when you were in school and had to do homework? Well, it’s a good idea to do some homework in this situation too. Make sure to compare plans with similar coverages, check to see that your family physician if you have one is part of the plan, make sure the hospital facilities are nearby and check to see what options each plan offers.Need help, can help!

Individual you are buying a policy for you and your family and the choice is yours. Group you enroll with others. While that may reduce premiums it also can limit choices.

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Interested? Here's some reasons why you should be!

  • The choice is yours. You can pick the company, the plan, and be sure it will suit your needs the best because you chose it
  • You can renew, change plans or options during the Open Enrollment Period
  • Losing your job doesn’t mean you’ll lose your coverage like you would with an employer plan
  • Your employer’s health care choices may not be yours, with your own plan you get to choose what’s best for you
  • Depending upon personal or household income you could get assistance in paying for your health care plan
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