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Not shopping for insurance policies? You could be losing money. It’s easy to buy a policy for home, health, auto, life and forget about it.That’s why QuoteUser is the place that helps you save insurance dollars!

  • Comparing policies when you buy offers the greatest savings
  • It’s easy with to get information.Time and money are valuable, let us do the work!
  • We’ll help you keep up with changes in the marketplace too!

Comparing Quotes is the key!

QuoteUser puts multiple quotes on insurance at your fingertips! It’s an easy process on a protected website. You give us some basic data and we’ll return multiple quotes on the insurance product that you seek. No calling multiple agents,making multiple appointments and spending a lot of time..Tell us what you want and we’ll get it for you in quotes you can compare side by side Let.QuoteUser be part of your search for the best value at the lowest cost!

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Homeowners Insurance

If you have a mortgage likely your lender pays this for you. Easy to forget but it affects your mortgage payment.

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Auto Insurance

Tired of seeing ads about how you can save $400 if you change to another company. Find out if its true! At QuoteUser, it’s easy.

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Life Insurance

Spouse, kids, mortgage? QuoteUser can get you a quote on the perfect life insurance policy to protect them!

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Health Insurance

Affordable health care for individuals and families from the best companies. QuoteUser will help find you affordable health care!

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Advantage, supplemental and Part D coverage. You're one click away from the Medicare plans that can save you money

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Bundling insurance

Put your homeowners/renters and auto insurance policies together with one company, save up to 10% on your auto premiums!

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Why Compare?

Insurance Quote “smarts”

  • Multiple quotes provide the best way to compare the product and what each company has to offer. People shop for the best buys in clothes and cars, why not shop the best insurance policy too!
  • With multiple quotes you make a side by side comparison so you compare policies fairly and see where they differ and where they are the same.
  • Information from current and former policyholders is available, their experiences may help to make your decision about which policy to pick.
  • At QuoteUser you can buy insurance online knowing that we have made every effort to find you the very best insurance available at the most affordable price.
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Why Comparing Quotes Works!

  • Competition for insurance buyers can be fierce. They want your business and that affects the cost of premiums and what they will charge you as well as features a policy may provide
  • Claims experience matters. Companies that experience extensive payouts for losses will charge you higher premiums. Don’t pay for their losses
  • Your rate group is based on several factors and if a company has not done well with that rate group you will pay more
  • Comparing quotes based on the information you provide means you can see whether your rate group pays less at company A than B
  • Comparing apples to apples will get you the most affordable insurance policy!At we will make sure that you get the opportunity to compare so that you will always get the best insurance for the money you spend!

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