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Medicare Part D? I need that too?


If you take medication and qualify for Medicare you need Medicare Part D. While Parts A&B cover many aspects of your medical care, prescription drugs except for those given in a hospital stay are likely not covered.You can purchase coverage from traditional Medicare or buy coverage from an insurer. Paying out of pocket if you have no coverage can be very expensive.

Be informed, check the formulary (a listing of drugs that are covered) to see if what you take is paid for by Medicare Part D. Whether you choose the traditional Medicare Part D or get it from another provider it can save you from major medication expenses.

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How do I choose a
Medicare Part D plan?

When picking a provider for Part D Medicare consider the following:

Frequency of medication use - are the drugs you take occasional or maintenance (all the time).

Types of medication - generic,brand name or a combination of both discount for 90 day supply or not.

Type of Part D Plan - yearly deductible? Or $0 deductible which has a higher monthly premium.

Copays and coinsurance differences when using preferred or standard pharmacy networks.

Out of pocket copays and coinsurance when you enter the coverage gap.

Is the plan national, regional or local.

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Enrollment and eligibility for Medicare Part D


Initial Enrollment Period - Three months before and three months after you turn 65 is known as the Initial Enrollment Period (IEP) and you may sign up for traditional Medicare called Part A , Part B which cover services and Part D the drug Plan.or a Medicare Advantage Plan provided by a private insurer.


Annual Election Period - Beginning on October 15th and lasting until December 7th every year. A time when you may enroll , reevaluate and change in a Medicare Advantage Plan, Part D Drug Plan or return to traditional Medicare.


Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment Period - January 1st until March 31st you in a Medicare Advantage Plan you may disenroll and return to traditional Medicare.but there are restrictions check with Medicare,gov for specific information.


Special Election Period - A time when you may make changes in a Medicare Advantage plan but only for specific conditions spelled out by Medicare.

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