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Medicare Part B? What’s that?


Medicare Part B is the portion of traditional Medicare that covers medical services like Doctor’s visits, supplies, ambulance services and durable medical equipment.It also covers some home health and rehabilitation services if they are ordered by your physician.

If you are in a Medicare Advantage plan offered by a private insurance company the level of coverage by law must be equal to that offered by traditional Medicare Part B. There are some Advantage plans that offer additional services as a part of their plan or as an option at an additional premium. These services can include routine dental, vision, hearing and prescription drug services. These types of coverage are not included in traditional Medicare Part B and are the responsibility of the patient.

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What is covered by Medicare Part B?

Physician Services

Medically necessary services as performed by a licensed health professional.

Medical Equipment

Equipment purchased for use at home and includes things like walkers, wheelchairs and oxygen tanks.

Home Health Services

Intermittent or homebound or skilled nursing care approved by a provider for prescribed time periods.

Ambulance Services

Emergency medical transportation to and from hospitals.and where there is no other safe alternative.

Preventive Services

Screenings and counselings for illness prevention and wellness. These can include a yearly wellness exam, colorectal screenings, etc.

Therapy services

coverage of outpatient physical, occupational and speech therapy if provider ordered.

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