How To Get The Best Insurance for Your Tiny House


Finding the best insurance for a tiny house doesn’t have to problematic if you have understanding of the basics. Insurance policies for tiny houses, which are available in the market, have some common elements that are deemed essential. Here is a list of the necessary components that you need to consider when buying cheap insurance coverage for your tiny house.

What Should Tiny House Insurance Cover?
  • In-dwelling - Offers coverage for home structure if it gets damaged for whatsoever reason.
  • Personal Property - Offers coverage to personal belongings such as jewelry and electronics items.
  • Personal Liability - Must cover you and your family members for treatment of bodily injuries that might result from an accident in your tiny house.
  • Transportation cover - Offers coverage when you are changing your house location.
  • Riders - Offer coverage for all other things which are not covered under aforesaid categories.
Types of Insurance Coverage For Your Tiny House
  • RV Insurance - RV insurance can be a good option for tiny house owners that are constantly on move and change residential locations very often. Such policies are specially designed for life on road. The provisions may include coverage that no other alternatives offer but to qualify, your tiny house must comply with standards prescribed by Recreational Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA).
  • Renters Insurance - Such type of renter insurance provides financial protection to personal property/personal liability. The policy is cheap but coverage limits are pre-specified.
  • Manufactured/Mobile Home Insurance - It is a great alternative for people who have mobile or manufactured tiny homes. Over the past few years, tiny home communities have emerged in states like California, Colorado, Florida and Texas as a result of which rented mobile/manufactured home insurance policies have become popular.
  • Homeowners Insurance - This could be yet another option for owners of tiny homes that are built on some foundation and satisfy few requirements stipulated by insurers.